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Drive thru robot driver prank funny video dailyhaha is your daily dose of laughs. Check out my collection of magic pranks, drive thru pranks, and other things. Rahats back with this adorable drivethru prank one of our favorites magicofrahat is back, and this prank might be his most adorable yet. Rahat, of the magic of rahat, disguised himself as a car seat and then set out to trick some drivethru workers.

The prankster over at penguin magic scared drivethru workers to create great entertainment for all with the invisible drivethru prank. There are apparently still drivethrough workers who have not seen the invisible driver drivethru prank performed by the magician rahat. Thats what happens in this drivethru prank where denis denisyuk talks an 11yearold boy into masquerading as an 18yearold. Drive thru robot driver prank trending current events. The reactions are priceless, especially the one from this guy. Magicianprankster rahat returns wearing a headless costume for his latest drivethru prank.

Every since i was a kid, i have always been curious and inspired by magic. After receiving his change, he showed the person that they gave him a counterfeit bill with their picture on it. Pranking fast food employees at the drivethru window is a timehonored tradition, and so it is that a guy who goes by magic of rahat has contributed the latest iteration of drivethru pranks. Drive thru robot prank the magic of rahat is back with another hilarious drive thru prank. See more ideas about pranks, best cleaning products and steve o. Everyone takes the joke pretty well well, the ones that get it. In walking on water prank magician rahat show us how people react to such a surprise. But rahat the magician prankster yesterday unveiled his latest fastfood funny, and it blows his competitors out of the, um, drivethru lane. Magician rahat hussein performs a second round of his drive thru invisible driver prank, the one where he surprises unsuspecting fast food drivethru employees by pulling up to their window in a car with an invisible driver part 1. Daily haha your daily dose of funny videos your daily dose of funny. Magicianturnedprankster magic of rahat is a man capable of many of things. It is by far one of the best pranks ever, and one of the best videos that ive seen in a while. Magician and youtube prankster magic of rahat stumped drive thru workers by pulling up to the window in a suit that camouflages him with the car seat.

Magic of rahat best of drive thru skeleton driver prank. Rahats back with this adorable drivethru prank rtm. Magic of rahat s most famous stunt, drive thru invisible driver sees him seemingly disappear into thin air into between ordering his drive thru meal and collecting it just minutes later. Robot fast food prank artificial intelligence robot drive through prank invisible driver ai robot drive thru prank. He explains how he does it at the start its very clever. Drive thru invisible driver prank, a very funny video by rahat a magician and compulsive prankster, specialized in tweaking the drivethru workers. Some other videos include drive thru invisible driver prank and. But, seemingly, its shocking fast food restaurant drivethru staff that gives him the most amount of joy. Drive thru invisible driver prank ghost driver prank on. This time, rahat turns into a cardboard cutout when the drivethru worker turns to grab some change or napkins. Invisible driver drivethru prank our favorite yet autoblog. Drivethru invisible driver prank video huffpost uk. Watch an invisible driver prank drivethru attendants.

Rahat, of the magic of rahat, disguised himself as a car seat and then set out to trick some drive thru workers. Drive thru employees stumped by invisible driver prank. Invisible car driver pranks unsuspecting drivethru employees. This time he rolls up with a crazylooking chucky doll in the drivers seat. The drivethru workers are greeted by a tiny driver. It was bound to happen, youve got a ready outlet for videos of this nature in you tube, you have a legion of creative individuals out there, clearly with way too much time on their hands, and y. Rahat hossain reveals the car seat costume used in his latest viral drivethru prank. With the help of a car seat costume, the prankster decides to spook unsuspecting fast food workers by disguising himself in his homemade costume. Theres absolutely nothing better than seeing the look of pure and utter shock on someones face, and that is why i absolutely love this. I am youtube prankster and magician magicofrahat invisible driver prank, homeless lottery winner ask me anything. Magician rahat hussein has performed a third round of his drive thru invisible driver pranks, a series where he baffles unsuspecting fast food drivethru employees by pulling up to their window in a car with an invisible driver here is part 1. Check out my collection of magic pranks, drive thru pranks, and other things that will always keep you entertained, shocked and always. My most recent video, homeless lottery winner, has struck a chord with so many people that i started this fund that allows anyone to donate to eric the homeless man in the video.

Rahat is a magician and compulsive prankster who appears to specialize in tweaking the incredulity of drivethru workers. Drive thru scary doll driver video by magic of rahat. Rahats costume is pretty convincing and manages to scare a handful of fast food employees. This time hes rolling up to drivethru windows disguised as the driver seat itself. I saw a picture of someone disguised as a car seat and thought i. If youre one of many who are scared of the infamous chucky doll, this video will surely fuel that fear. Creation the wellknown prankster finds a lookalike doll and rolls up to drivethru windows the doll in the drivers seat. Rahat uses his headless suit to frighten drivethru workers. My name is rahat and i do magical pranks on youtube. The magic of rahat hits europe magician and trickster rahat takes his hilarious driving gags to continental europe pranking cops, hotel workers and other drivers by appearing to navigate a little toyota without even being behind the wheel.

Prankster rahat, from virginia, who has been making youtube stunts for two years, said. Hilarity ensues as a hidden camera captures the reactions of the fast food workers who believe there is no one behind the wheel. In case you also missed it, its the one where rahat sits. Drive thru invisible driver prank video wednesday, january 9, 20.

After all, why would he do so many drivethru pranks otherwise his most recent was an eerily creepy stunt where he made it look as though. Funny zombie drivethru prank funny drivethru floating cup prank. There are a lot of prank videos out there, but this one is really special. Rahat hossain, better known by his youtube channel name magic of rahat, set. Invisible driver prank, fake hand drivethru prank, fainting at the drivethru window. Description ultimate magic of rahat s fan rahay app magic of rahat magician, prankster and famous youtube personality who became popular after performing a prank where he dressed himself as a driver s seat so he was invisible at first sign but still able to drive a car and recorded reaction of drive thru staff.

Magician rahat hussein performs a fantastic prank on unsuspecting fast food drivethru employees by pulling up to their window in a car with an invisible driver. Transcript for invisible driver at drivethru who does not love. Magic of rahats latest drivethru prank is otherworldly. A seemingly empty car pulls up to a drive thru window. And though what im gonna do that possibly as the but it did on it at right there. In the drive thru scary doll driver video, the priceless expressions of employees at fast fooddrivethru centres, where the prank was conducted, can be seen. Unsuspecting fast food workers are targets of another hilarious drive thru prank. Rahat magically becomes cardboard cutout in drivethru youtuber magicofrahat is back to his hilarious drivethru pranks. Smart ass selfdriving car gone crazy prank duration. While the costume is made out of cardboard and duct tape, its convincing enough to dupe poor cashiers into thinking that hes. As if to celebrate the upcoming premiere of annabelle. Funnythe funnyjust for laughsjust for youlearn magicwhatsapp videos. Were proud to introduce to you here one of the modern classics of the pranking world.

Youtubes magic of rahat pulls off driverless car stunt on a busy. Prankster frightens drivethru employees with annabelle doll if youre not a fan of horror movies, then this prank by magic of rahat will downright shake you to your bones. Invisible drivethru prank guy goes back to the well. Drive thru invisible driver prank 23 easy tips \u0026 useful life hacks for every girls funny pranks \u0026 weird diy crafts life hacks smile. Hilarious drivethru video shows prankster trick fastfood.

For this trick, members of the audience, rahat builds a seat cover that. If youve ever used the drivethru, youve gotta watch this. Magician and prankster rahat likes to record himself driving headless through various fast food pickup windows. Pages businesses medianews company magic of rahat videos drive thru robot prank. Magic of rahat is back with another drive thru prank but he may need to switch things up a bit because a lot of his unsuspecting victims are becoming too savvy. Im rahat, the magical prankster, and welcome to my channel. Hes more than happy to pay for his food, but the fast food staff have a lot of questions. Master prankster back with chucky in the drivers seat. Weve all seen the magiciancumprankster magic of rahat and his patented and famous drivethru pranks. Stumbling drunk through the shrubbery of a taco bell drive thru with a ripped t shirt. Rahat, who has his own youtube channel cataloguing his previous optical illusion stunts, has so far collected almost 3. Drivethru headless driver prank most watched today.

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